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Web design

Why do I need a website?

  • At the moment, a website is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective advertising methods. A good website can attract new clients on its own, as well as occasionally remind regular visitors of its existence.

  • Having a good website is like wearing an expensive watch, it gives your company a better image, as well as makes a great first impression.

  • Your clients will have 24/7 access to key information. You no longer have to worry about loading your clients with tons of paper, all you need to do is hand them your business card with your website address where they can find in-depth information about your business that is updated in real time.

  • More and more people are using search engines to look for companies by entering keywords that are associated with your company’s line of business or typing in the actual company name. It would be extremely wasteful to just let these potential clients go without learning anything about your company, or even straight to your competitors’ websites.

  • You, your employees and your customers can save a lot of time, if you publish the answers to frequently asked questions on your website. You can even add pictures to illustrate the answer.

Why choose us?

We offer the following services:

  • Design development

  • Front-end web development: turning design into code

  • E-commerce (creating online stores)

  • Expanding existing functionality

  • Creating customized solutions

  • Automation

  • Copywriting: writing texts and proofreading

  • Website SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Maintenance of existing projects

  • Hosting: making your website accessible via the World Wide Web

Our works

What do clients say about us?

Мы команда свадебного агенства “Perfect Day” бесконечно благодарим команду OOPS за творческое сотрудничество, длинною в, как минимум, пять лет. Самое приятное – оперативность! Неважно, поздний вечер или воскресенье, вы всегда с нами рядом. В event бизнесе оперативность иногда важнее всего остального, быстро среагировать, переделать дизайн, перепечатать что-то, поправить. Мы благодарны, что никогда не получали отказов, а только ” Сейчас что-нибудь придумаем!”. Спасибо, друзья, вам за терпение и стремление всегда прийти на помощь! Работать с вами очень приятно и легко! Я надеюсь, впереди у нас много проектов! Вы обновили сайт? Значит, и нам пора!!

Anna Sapronenko-Mölder, PerfectDay OÜ