Rebranding AlkoPörssi liquor store to ViinaPörssi 2022-04-07T18:15:19+03:00

Project Description

Rebranding AlkoPörssi liquor store to ViinaPörssi

we need the owl!


The store changed its name, so the logo also had to be changed. It was important to keep the old style, as the brand is very recognizable. The client also asked us to turn the winking letter “Ö” into an owl.

Work process

We found the font the original logo used and applied it to the new logo, suggesting to add more color to the logo.

Then we started drawing owls.

We showed the drawing to the client, explaining the idea behind it: the owl is shocked at how low the prices are at ViinaPörssi. The client decided they wanted the owl to have normal eyes and a tuft. After we modified the drawing, we presented it to the client, while continuing our efforts to sell our super cool “shocked eyes” idea.

Then we focused on the options from the first row of owls.

We tried those options and decided to change the color of the feet to a lighter color to make the logo fresh and smart.

The final version was finished, and the client was happy with it.

After some time, the client and we decided to make the owl look more like the letter “Ö”, reduce the overall height of the logo, and remove the blinking eye along with ears and the tuft. We then found some pictures of cute earless owls.

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We showed the client a few options, and he makes the final choice.

We then thought that the grey elements were too out-of-place, and removed them.


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