Product photography for a liquor store 2022-04-07T18:14:00+03:00

Project Description

Product photography for a liquor store

products have to shine, but not too much… we hate overexposure


Take photos of products that have not yet been photographed, in order to publish on the store’s website and print price tags. The objective was not to photograph items one by one but to perform a quick photo shoot of a large number of items.

Work process

We brought our mobile studio to the shopping center. We then chose the location for our photo shoot.

After that, we unpacked and set up lights.

As we were setting up, we also retrieved the list of items with missing pictures from the store’s database and sent it over to the store, so they could collect and deliver the items to the location of the photo shoot.

Once the lights were set up and the items were delivered, we began trying different angles, adjusting settings and snapping test photos.

As soon as we achieved the desired setup, we began shooting. The lights were adjusted throughout the photo shoot depending on the objects.

Once the shoot was done, we packed up and went home.

Great coffee started the photo processing stage. The photos had to be sized according to the online store’s requirements.

After we were done, we sent the photos to the client and matched the photos to the corresponding items and uploaded it to the online store.

Some of the photos

Our works

looks like you will find interesting