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Project Description

Heineken beer advertisement

cold, fresh it’s perfect #timeforheineken


Main idea behind this advertisement is to create a high quality product photography. This photo will be used as a demonstration of our possibilities to future clients.


We are installing the light and making test shots

First results

Light is pretty fine, so we are moving to the next step…

Bottle stylization

Covering the bottle with spray, to remove flares from the front. Also we are adding water drops using glycerol mixed with water. Making new photos with different light positions. Checking the results.

Out of this pile taking two best shots, that are going to be used to combine into one final composition.

The result looks pretty good, all small things will be fixed in post production, so we are moving to the final step.

Post production

Because we do not have great background, we have to draw it artificially, also we need to cut out the bottle.

Now we are combining these two bottles, fixing small defects of the bottle and also adding logo and slogan.


Our works

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