Printing on vinyl – a method of transfering image or writing to a flexible material for marketing or design uses.

Printing on vinyl can be used to create:

  • signboards, advertisements and markers;
  • stickers for vehicles;
  • souvenir and advertisement magnets (also 3D magnets);
  • advertisement stands;
  • educational games for children, puzzles;
  • informational signs, panels;
  • magnet business cards, calendars, notepads;
  • advertisement stickers for shop or office showcases;
  • decoration for household appliences and interior items.


  • Durability: white and black 5 years, colorful 3 years.
  • Surface: 70 microns.
  • Installation: minimum +10°C

NB! There are also films with different characteristics, feel free to leave a request.

Request example

Size: 400mm х 800mm

Color: white

Text and volume:, E – R: 10 – 17, Tel. :58 00 00 00

One sticker price: 11 EUR + КМ

Every next sticker:  4.8 EUR + КM

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