About Client

We are not going to show up any specific information in the interests of client.

In general this is the company, whose business consists of the retail sale of products of a certain category.


Because the product category, that client is selling is pretty popular, client have to be noticed about all the price changes in region. Client needs to have information about his competitors’ prices. This real-time information helps client to be always up to date with the best prices on market.


To have possibility compare prices for all products, that client provides with competitors’ prices.


For every single competitor’s e-commerce was made a custom solution to collect the information such as (product name, price and other attributes). After that all the information goes into one result table, where you can compare prices between all the required shops together.

Solution includes:

  1. Gather all the links for product pages (at competitors’ e-commerces)
  2. Gather all the information about products (at competitors’ e-commerces)
  3. Comparing client’s prices and competitors’ prices

The final point [3] was the most difficult one, because product name can be written differently, some e-commerce has other fields to compare, some not. That is why we developed an algorithm to measure the similarity of the competitor’s product and the client’s one. As a result the product with higher similarity rate connects with the client’s one and also there is a button to confirm the connection manually, when you are sure, that they are the same ones.

Finally client received the result table with all the required data and all the possibilities to order and sort/filter information regarding his current needs.

Search was also included into this solution and there is a possibility to update current table with the newest data in one click.