To make photos for products to display on the web-site and also to print price tags in the store. Our target is to make as much photos as we can in a fast way with minimum retouching after, to reduce price of the final photo.


Coming to the shopping center with portable studio and choosing the right location for shooting.

Unpacking and setting up the light.

Simultaneously taking the list of products to shoot from database, giving it to the store consultants, so they can collect everything.

When everything is in one place the shooting begins, making corrections with the light and settings in camera trying several photos before start.


When required result achieved starting to shoot final products, and making correction based on the material and color of the product.

Everything is shot, packing up and going home.

Making a great coffee and editing photos for e-commerce and preparing it to upload.photo-thumbnails

When everything is ready, going to the client and uploading photos to exact same products, and then uploading everything into e-commerce.

Several photos